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A manufacturer of military gear such as combat uniforms and allied protective gear needed to develop a new range of products for an important customer. The regulatory requirements and design specifications for the product range required a significant improvement in the nature of fabrics they were receiving from their supplier. With an approaching deadline for prototype development, the manufacturer was in a quandary, since their supplier was not able to meet the requirements. A potentially valuable & long-term assignment seemed to be in jeopardy.

At SNF, we had the required infrastructure for meeting the prototyping needs of the customer. We undertook the process as per the requirement and quickly designed a fabric with high tenacity and used a specialty yarn for achieving the required thickness. We also focussed on the knitting technique for reducing the weight of the fabric. The entire, prototyping process, designing a material in accordance with the given requirements was done in a period of 10 days, thus saving on cost and time. 

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